Singer/Songwriter, Psychologist

 Winner, CT Folk Songwriting Contest, 2014 

 Finalist, New England Songwriting Competition, 2020 


"...Dr. Steve’s imaginative and skillfully crafted songs make you laugh out loud and then, lean in even closer, to catch every word...  A treasure!"   -Sloan Wainwright,  famed singer/songwriter

Dr. Steve  "...never fails to surprise me... Repeated listenings offer new discoveries... an unexpected and unique delivery."    -David Roth, renowned singer/songwriter

“Dr. Steve will astonish us and call upon us all to look at ourselves and laugh - cry - shout - laugh some more."   -Glen Roethel, acclaimed singer/songwriter

"Psychologist Steven Prasinos writes songs that really make you think, laugh, and cry. ”  -Hi5netTV

“Inspired lyrics plus cool sound will put you on the road to Enlightenment! ”  -Claudia K. – fan


"The songs were wonderful.  Your sensitivity and kindness were clearly evident.... I was left with a sense of hope."  -Thom S. - fan


"One of the most fearless songwriters I know."   -Kathy M., Songwriter


"Awesome writer and performer."    -Nancy Tucker, Award winning Musician and Songwriter

The Psinging Psychologist Tour

Dr. Steve tours Libraries and Senior Centers throughout Connecticut presenting "The Traveling Mental Health Show," a mixture of stories and songs about the quest for the good life.  Light hearted, playful and tender.

The Dr. Steve Band

THE DR. STEVE BAND is 4 musicians creating exciting, tight arrangements of Dr. Steve songs.  They emphasize groove, scintillating lead guitar and catchy percussion and bass lines.  The band consists of Mike Gieralt on lead guitar, Gary Gieralt on bass and Eugene "EZ" Zampieron on percussion.  They have been playing together for years (formerly as THE WHATVER BAND).


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